Coal Valley Vineyard
Coal Valley Vineyard

On a lazy Boxing Day, we decided to visit the Coal Valley Vineyard, on Richmond Road Cambridge. We live in the Coal Valley, and it’s one of those places that we drive past on a very regular basis, and typically always say ‘we must go there for lunch one day ..“, but never do. So today was the day, we had nothing planned for lunch and figuring it would be quiet as people stayed indoors after a scorching Christmas Day to recover from their excesses. We were wrong.

Coal Valley Vineyard

The place was jam-packed, but luckily the hosts found us a table that we shared with another couple, with us at one end and a young man and lady at the other. It appeared as though they weren’t really prepared for the crowd they had, as we overheard a waitress say “It’s our busiest day of the year“. However, they coped very well and it was obvious from the chatter that guests were enjoyed lunch with family and friends.

To describe the views from Coal Valley Vineyard as spectacular is a major understatement – the venue and location are stunning. We perused the menu; it’s relatively simple and whilst not overly complex it caters perfectly for the type of visitor an establishment would typically attract for a light lunch.

We enjoyed our meal; our only minor criticism was the time it took to be served but it was perfectly understandable and it didn’t bother us one bit as we sat and enjoyed a drop of their local Sauvignon Blanc. The young lady who served us was also very lovely and kept a smile on her face the whole time despite being very busy. It also struck us as we enjoyed the view from inside on a coolish day that this would be the perfect location for a wedding or other special event – especially if you are lucky enough to get a fine, warm day. The venue is much bigger than we expected, and with the outside area could easily cater for 80 or more people.

For entree, we enjoyed hand cut potato chips & paprika aioli plus chicken croquettes with romesco sauce to share.

For mains, my wife had torta verde – rustic herb & spinach pie with garden salad. My daughter loved her pappardelle with confit duck, mushroom ragù & peas and I had the coal valley beef burger with Wicked cheddar, pickles, relish & leaves. Tasty.

No complaints from us – in future, we will drive past as often, but call in for lunch or a drink on a more regular basis – it is refreshing to experience the quality product in Tasmania, and selfishly for us more and more options in the Coal Valley.