Tasmania offers an endless array of cycling opportunities, from gentle rides through country towns to full on off road racing. In and around Hobart, the capital city of Tasmnia, you will find a wide range and variety of excellent trails suitable to casual road riders, family outings, or the more adventurous who want to get off-raod and explore more rugged terrains. For visitors to the state of Tasmania, or locals, Lifestyle Tasmania recommends you check out the website GreaterHobartTrails.com.au where you can browse routes and map out specific rides using the interactive mapping features.

A popular area for off-road, mountain bike riding, is Wellington Park located close to the capital city of Hobart and thta features a series of routes created by world renowned course developer Glen Jacobs. Bicycles are permitted on formed roads and fire trails in Wellington Park, and also on selected walking tracks that include the popular Pipeline Track and Radfords track. Mountain bike trail maps for the whole of Park or Eastern foothills can be downloaded from the website.

The Glencorchy Mountain Bike Park was developed in 2005 and continues to grow steadily in popularity with locals and visitors from both Intersate and overseas and offers a range of levels and styles of riding ranging from easier rides to more that demand high levels of skill and experience. The Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park includes Cross Country, Downhill, Mountain Cross, Dirt Jumps and Northshore tracks with trails feeding into the park through Eucalypt forest that open up into the main jump area.

For further information, check out the Glenorchy City Council website.

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