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Lake Pedder has a rich and controversial history, but without question it is a simply stunning and beautiful part of Tasmania. Lake Pedder was originally a natural lake but now a man-made lake located in the southwest of Tasmania, Australia in the South West National Park. In addition to its natural catchment that is derived from the Frankland Range, the lake was formed in 1972 as a result of damming of the Serpentine and Huon rivers by the Hydro-Electric Commission of Tasmania, for the purpose of generating hydroelectric power. Lake Pedder is located at Strathgordon, being a small town in Tasmania located at the end of the Scotts Peak Dam Road, Gordon River Road and the most southwesterly road in this part of Tasmania. Accommodation in the area is confined to the Lake Pedder Wilderness Chalet which offers a range of accommodation options.

Camping is an option at one of three campsites; Teds Beach being the most popular and being suitable for campervans, caravans and motorhomes. Teds Beach is accessed from Gordon River Road near Strathgordon and has a boat ramp, toilets, non-treated drinking water, picnic facilities, free electric barbecues, shelters and is suitable for fuel stoves only. A self-registration system applies; National Parks and Wildlife fees also apply as it is a National Park. Strictly NO DOGS allowed.

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Gordon Dam Strathgordon Lake Pedder

We recommend that visitors to Tasmania visit Mt Field, whilst travelling to Lake Pedder from Hobart. To access Lake Pedder from Mt Field, take a sealed road some 150 kilometres west of Mt Field National Park to reach Lake Gordon and Lake Pedder. Both lakes are popular with trout fishermen and offer some of the best trout fishing in Tassie. Gordon Dam is also the site of one of the world’s highest commercial abseils, and spectacular in every respect. Lake Pedder and Lake Gordon together comprise the largest inland freshwater storage in Australia, Both waterways cover more than 500 square kilometres and in combination hold more than 37 times the volume of water contained in Sydney Harbour.

When travelling to the Lake Pedder area take suitable clothing as the weather can be challenging and changeable – particularly in Winter and Spring but at any time of the year. Weather in Tasmania can change quickly and frequently where snow, rain, wind and sun are all possible at any time of the year. Please also note that there is no mobile phone coverage in this area; similarly there are few options for fuel and buying fresh food or groceries. Park passes must be purchased for entry to Tasmania’s national parks.
Camping Lake Pedder

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