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NBL Basketball For Tasmania Again?

NBL Basketball For Tasmania Again?
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The National Basketball League (NBL) says that it has Tasmania on its radar for expansion; Tasmania has not had a team in the premier national competition since the Hobart-based Tassie Devils folded almost 20 years ago. National Basketball League chief executive Larry Kestelman has been in Tasmania and said the NBL were talking with government and business about the possibility of a being club based in the Tasmanian capital. “Me personally, I’d like to see a team in every capital city including Hobart and Tasmania,” Mr Kestleman was quoted as saying – ‘where there’s life there is hope.

Tasmania enjoyed success with the Tassie Devils, but has not had a team in the national competition since 1996, when the Devils folded.

Basketball Tasmania has welcomed Mr Kestelman’s comments, and is keen to work with the NBL in looking at possible business models. Basketball Tasmania Chief executive Chris McCoy said a team would be a huge boost to the sport in the state.

My McCoy is quoted as saying “we see it very positively; we think it would be a great opportunity for our sport in the state, for the profile of the sport and also for our athletes to aspire to” “I think that after they’ve put Brisbane there in place I certainly think Hobart and Canberra would be two more that they would be looking to with the league wanting to expand in future.”