The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens cover an area of approximately 14 hectares and were established in Hobart in 1818. They are located in the Queens Domain, and are easily reachable by foot, bus or car from central Hobart.  The Gardens hold important and significant plant collections and a large number of trees with many dating back to the 19th century. It also has an increasing number of important conservation collections of Tasmanian plants – the King’s Lomatia is one of the most unusual . The world’s only Subantarctic Plant House is also located at the Hobart Botanical Gardens. In this display plants from subantarctic islands in high southern latitudes are displayed in a climatically-controlled environment, where fogs and mists mimic the wet, cold conditions of their island homes. The plants of the Subantarctic Plant House have been collected by Gardens staff and associated scientists during expeditions and field trips to Macquarie Island.

The visitor centre houses a restaurant, souvenir shop, and a gallery with regularly changing displays by local artists, together with a display area containing the Gardens’ own exhibitions.

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