Towns of Tasmania

Tasmania is brimming with history but also enjoys a thriving and vibrant modern culture centred around the arts, fine dining, fresh produce, clean air, fresh water, quality lifestyle and innovation both technologically and culturally. Central to Tassie’s growing reputation as a great place to live, work and play is the essential role that communities play rurally and in bigger cities. Tasmanian towns vary greatly, from a perspective of size, from industries that support townships economically, from the price of housing to the range of activities that are undertaken in and around local areas. For example, people living on Tasmania’s sunny east Coast enjoy a warm, temperate climate year round, whereby water based activities are abundant and popular. Tasmanians living in inland areas can enjoy bushwalking, bike trails, mountain scenery and a range of outdoor pursuits but are never far from water be they inland streams, rivers or ocean waterways.

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