They are a wide range of backpacker accommodation across Tasmania.

Backpacking is very popular in the Australian state of Tasmania. Given that Tasmania represents a little less than one per cent of the total Australian land mass, and has a total population on just over 500,000 (app. 200,000 live in the state capital Hobart). Backpackers come to Tasmania in large numbers from all over the world to travel the island and experience Tasmania’s unique beauty, and the compact nature of the island enables backpackers to travel relatively short distances, but be in a totally different town or environment. Tasmania offers a range of accommodation and transport options for backpackers.

Bushwalking Tasmania, backpackers outdoors short walks overland track
Bushwalking Tasmania, backpackers outdoors short walks overland track

You will find a wide range of hostel accommodation throughout Tasmania together with an active backpacker culture. Seasonal employment can be obtained in areas such as fruit picking – public transport is reasonable, however to get to some of the more remote areas it is often cheaper to rent a used car, which many car rental companies catering to the backpacker market.

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