They often say ‘small is beautiful’, but here in Tasmania we know there’s much more to the meaning of this term. With a growing number of small hotels dotted across Tasmania, you are assured of finding that special place where you can indulge your senses. Luxury hotels Tasmania are living proof that nothing beats individual, one-to-one service from people who care.

Luxury Accommodation Tasmania
Luxury Accommodation Tasmania

The word “luxury” can be over used – everything today it seems has its “luxury” component . But in the view of experienced, demanding luxury travelers, “luxury hotel” has to mean something specific. So who decides Whether a Hotel Is Luxury or Not?

Hotel guests paying high prices for luxury-hotel rates have a right to expect certain luxury hotel standards, in service, in rooms, in dining, and in everything else a good hotel offers – the following niche, boutique luxury hotels in Tasmania definitely fit this definition!

  • Saffire
  • Woodbridge On The Derwent
  • Islington Hotel
  • Mona Pavilions Hobart
  • Villa Howden

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