Basin Chairlift Launceston – Cataract Gorge

No visit to Tasmania is complete without a visit to the beautiful Cataract Gorge, First basin reserve Launceston Tasmania. Home of the Basin Chairlift, the world’s longest single-span chairlift, the Cataract Gorge is a popular local attraction with swimming pools, children’s playground and picnic facilities. The chairlift was built in 1972 and spans the natural basin, that during Spring and Winter is often filled with floodwaters of the South Esk River. The chairlift is just over 45 metres in length, with terminal buildings at both the main car park entrance of basin Road Launceston and off the Trevallyn end (Northern). The central span at just under 310 metres in length is thought to be the longest single chairlift span in the world; seating is designed for total safety and includes a safety bar which can is operated by either the passenger or attendant at either the start or finish of the trip. The chairlift moves at a leisurely speed providing ample time to take in the magnificent scenery and to snap some souvenir pictures.

Peacock First Basin Cataract Gorge Swimming Food

Whilst visiting the First Basin Chairlift in Summer, be sure to take your swimming gear and a towel so you can have a swim in either the Cataract Gorge or swimming pools. In either case, please exercise extreme caution and always make sure children are fully supervised. There are cafe facilities at both sides of the chairlift where you can enjoy light refreshments. Visiting the First Basin Chairlift is one of our recommend attractions Tasmania.


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