best craft breweries tasmania craft beer
best craft breweries tasmania craft beer

If you are anything like me and enjoy a cold beer on a hot summer’s day, or a frothy in front of the footy on Friday or Saturday night, you’ll have become acutely aware of the revolution happening over recent years (in particular) with respect of micro breweries. They’ve been popping up like mushrooms all over Australia, and indeed Tassie is no different. Walking into a bottleshop these days, you are presented with an ever increasing range of craft beers, with an ever increasing range of beer types and marketing angles. When I was a lad, it was Boags or Boags if you lived in the North of the State of Cascade if you lived in the South. For the more adventurous Tasmania beer drinker in the late 70s, you could even buy Victorian Bitter (VB) or perish the thought – Fosters Lager!  😳

Today we are listing 5 Tassie breweries (in no particular order) that we reckon every Tasmanian beer lover, and mainland visitor, should try. And we warned, make sure you have a designated driver!

#1: LITTLE RIVERS BREWING COMPANY – The Little Rivers Brewing Co. is a boutique style brewery located in the North-Eastern agricultural town of Scottsdale. Little Rivers produce a range of quality, handcrafted beers and is located close to the popular Pipers River wine route and internationally recognised golf courses Barnbougle Dunes and Lost Farm Golf Course. Our choice is their Golden Ale – it features a distinctive golden straw like colour and tropical fruit aroma a designed for warm Tassie summer days.

#2: Ironhouse Brewery – The Ironhouse Brewery on Tasmania’s spectacular Easy Coast at Four Mile Creek, is now some 10 years of age, having outgrown the original tin shed where is was established. It is hard to image a more spectacular location for a brewery, that forms part of the White Sands Estate and looks out over its own private beach across the ocean. Our choice of tipple here is the Ironhouse Wheat Beer, in the German Hefeweizen style and that has sweet malty flavours alongside touches of the banana.

#3: Buttons Brewing is listed as our 3rd choice for you to try when visiting Ulverstone, on the North-West Coast of Tasmania. Buttons Brewing is a fairly small, family owned brewery crafting beer in small batches. We suggest you try their Hazard Pale Ale, which at 5% has a nice kick, and is a full flavoured carft beer. Hit them up on Instagram to keep and eye on what’s brewing –

#4: Last Rites Brewery in Kennedy Drive Hobart has a growing reputation in Southern Tasmania as an innovator in the craft beer scene. Operating from an industrial warehouse, this brewery is growing quickly in size and popularity as evidenced by the growing number of people who frequent Last Rites on a Friday evening for a beer, cider and tasty treats served from guest Food Truck vendors. The guys who operate last Rites are friendly and passionate about their brews, and you can see where the beer is brewed which is a bonus. Our recommendation is the Dark IPA – it will give you wings!

#5: Ocho Beer – this craft brewery is a little different. Ocho sell online and deliver ‘fresh’ to your door. By selling online, Ocho are able to deliver their regulars and new customers customers with the freshest beer possible, noting that from the time their beer is bottled, to the time is arrives on your doorstep, is usually around one week. You can order and collect from Saint John Craft Beer, but we like the home delivery approach – especially given their brews are one-off, which adds to the intrigue. Each purchase you make with Ocho will be a one-off order of 8 beers – not nearly enough we say!