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Lists of favourite family activities in Tasmania, top 10 lists of great things to do in Tassie including wineries, restaurants, camping, caravan parks, bushwalks, fishing spots, museums, art galleries, parks and much more

jetty fishing bicheno wharf

Jetty Fishing Bicheno

Bicheno is a popular weekend and holiday destination on Tassie's sunny East Coast and where fishing is a very popular activity, including beach, boat,...
jetty fishing st helens tasmania

Fishing Jetty St Helens

Jetty fishing in St Helens is a popular activity for both locals and visitors alike. Given the nature of the way that the harbour...
fishing scamander jetty

Fishing Scamander Jetty

Scamander Jetty is a popular fishing spot, being located conveniently close to the centre of Scamander and where the sea enters the Scamander River....
fishing strahan jetty macquarie heads

Fishing Strahan Jetty

Fishing and Strahan go hand in hand, with people flocking to Strahan on a regular basis to fish from the beach, from boats, from...
fishing coles bay jetty freycinet

Fishing Coles Bay Jetty

The town of Coles Bay in the Freycinet National Park swells during the Christmas / New Year period, during Easter and generally over warmer...
agfest 2018

Agfest 2018

What an amazing event! Despite having lived in Tasmania all my life, and Agfest having been running for some 35-years, 2018 was the first...
See Platypus Tasmania

Best Places To See Platypus Tasmania

One of the great joys of visiting Tasmania is seeing an abundance of native wildlife as you travel across the state. From wombats on...
bushwalk tasmania best short day walks

Best Short Bushwalks Tasmania

Tasmanians and visitors to this state are spoilt for choice when it comes to amazing bushwalking options. From multi-day iconic walks such as the...
arthur river cabin park tasmania

Favourite Caravan Parks Tasmania

Tasmanians love to camp and to caravan. And more and more we are seeing the 'grey nomad' attach the trusty Viscount to the Commodore...
minifest tasmania 2017

Minifest Tasmania

Minis, minis, minis and more minis - minis are far as the eye could see! On a bright sunny Spring day, Minifest 2017 was...