agfest 2018

Agfest 2018

What an amazing event! Despite having lived in Tasmania all my life, and Agfest having been running for some 35-years, 2018 was the first...
japanese restaurants hobart

Flavour Of The Month

What is it with Japanese restaurants in Hobart at the moment? We aren't complaining, but it appears Japanese is definitely the current flavour of...
fishing port sorell jetty tasmania squeaking point

Fishing Port Sorell Jetty

Port Sorell is a very popular holiday destination, and particularly during the Christmas, new year period, over Easter, on long weekends and during school holidays....
See Platypus Tasmania

Best Places To See Platypus Tasmania

One of the great joys of visiting Tasmania is seeing an abundance of native wildlife as you travel across the state. From wombats on...
Arthur River Tasmania Accommodation Cruise Camping Fishing

Weekend Getaway Arthur River

Arthur River is a small seaside settlement located on the North West Coast Of Tasmania - as at the 2006 census, Arthur River and...
arthur river cabin park tasmania

Favourite Caravan Parks Tasmania

Tasmanians love to camp and to caravan. And more and more we are seeing the 'grey nomad' attach the trusty Viscount to the Commodore...
minifest tasmania 2017

Minifest Tasmania

Minis, minis, minis and more minis - minis are far as the eye could see! On a bright sunny Spring day, Minifest 2017 was...
Tasmanian Devil Healthy Population

Wildlife Rescue Training

For anyone who has grown up, lived in or visited Tasmania you will be acutely aware on the issue of native animals being present...
best craft breweries tasmania craft beer

Best Craft Breweries Tasmania

If you are anything like me and enjoy a cold beer on a hot summer's day, or a frothy in front of the footy...
best food trucks tasmania

Popular Food Trucks Tasmania

Growing up as a kid in Launceston, the only food trucks in my day were Mr Whippy, the milkman and the baker. This is...