Lake Pedder Strathgordon Tasmania


Strathgordon is a small town in Tasmania, on Scotts Peak Dam Road, Gordon River Road Tasmania being the most south westerly road in the south west of...
Teds Beach Camping Lake Pedder Strathgordon Tasmania

Lake Pedder Strathgordon Tasmania

Lake Pedder has a rich and controversial history, but without question it is a simply stunning and beautiful part of Tasmania. Lake Pedder was originally...
Cataract Gorge First Basin Reserve Launceston


Tasmania, our island home is located off the south coast of Australia and is known for its pristine, rugged wilderness areas, national parks and reserves,...
Echidna Marsupial Tasmania Wildlife

National Parks Tasmania

Tasmania is renowned world wide for the quality and diversity of its national Parks, offering outstanding opportunities for visitors to discover spectacular landscapes ranging from...
bruny island, tasmania australia

Bruny Island

Bruny Island is located in Southern Tasmania, and is accssed via vehicular ferry from the small town of Kettering Tasmania. As the name suggests,...