Tasmania – Remembering two years since the Dunalley fires

The tragic events in South Australia over the weekend have bought back painful memories for Tasmanians impacted by the 2013 bushfire tragedy in Tasmania.

Widespread fire warnings in Tasmania on Saturday again bought back the reality of living in certain parts of Tasmania in a dry, hot summer.  Tasmania’s acting fire chief is urging the community to be prepared for bushfires during a long, hot summer.

It was January 4, 2013 when Tasmania sweltered, and when Hobart recorded its hottest day on record and strong winds buffeted the south east of the state with these conditions ultimately contributing to a series of bushfires that raged across the state, stretched resources to the limit and sadly led to homes, property and livestock being destroyed.

Dunalley was the worst affected town with some 126 properties being either fully destroyed or damaged. People are reminded to be mindful of having an active bushfire management plan to to keep up to date with warnings and information on the Tasmanian Fire Service Wesite – http://www.fire.tas.gov.au/