Fishing and Strahan go hand in hand, with people flocking to Strahan on a regular basis to fish from the beach, from boats, from the shore and from a jetty in Strahan. A popular place to fish, especially for kids, is from the jetty at Macquarie Heads. The jetty is located adjacent to the boat ramp where people launch and retrieve their boats when fishing in Macquarie Harbour. This area can be amazingly busy, especially during Crayfish season, and in warmer summer months when the fish are biting and the seas calm. From the jetty at Macquarie Heads, you will regularly see kids fishing – again, especially during school, Easter and Christmas holidays. It’s a nice safe spot, it does yield some good results and it is easy to access. A lot of the people who fish from Strahan Jetty at Macquarie Heads are camping Macquarie Heads, which is located immediately near the jetty. See also Best Jetty Fishing Tasmania and Jetty Fishing Tasmania

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