Bicheno is a popular weekend and holiday destination on Tassie’s sunny East Coast and where fishing is a very popular activity, including beach, boat, jetty and estuary. There are many different jetty fishing options in Bicheno, Tasmania that are excellent for kids and that provide an excellent opportunity to spend the day dangling a rod in the water in the hope of catching dinner. There is a range of different fish which you can catch from the Jetties in Bicheno, including squid off the break wall in Waubs Bay and the Gulch wharf (this is the main jetty for fishing) and also Mackerel and Trevally from the Gulch. Salmon is also regularly caught from the jetty or any of the beaches around Bicheno. In addition to the jetties in Bicheno. there are also lots of rocky shores around Bicheno that are popular fishing areas. Spinning using a silver lure is the most commonly used tackle – bait fishing is less common but also possible where Flathead and other species may be caught. If you are taking the family to Bicheno for a holiday, if the wind isn’t too severe during Summer, we recommend you try the wharf at the Gulch in the late afternoon, to the early evening where you may hook Salmon, Mackerel or Trevally – it’s a great spot to introduce fishing to kids. See also: Fishing Swansea Jetty: Fishing Coles Bay Jetty: Fishing St Helens Jetty: Fishing Scamander Jetty:

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