Arthur River Tasmania Accommodation Cruise Camping Fishing

Arthur River is a small seaside settlement located on the North West Coast Of Tasmania – as at the 2006 census, Arthur River and the surrounding area had a population of 121. Arthur River is south of the popular surfing location of Marrawah near Smithton. Arthur River is fed by several tributaries including the Frankland River, which was named after its discoverer, then the colony’s surveyor-general. Today, Arthur River is very popular with tourists who go to the region for a relaxing break, to walk in the Tarkine Wilderness, to go fishing, camping and to do the very popular Arthur River Cruise. In years gone by, the Arthur River region was exploited commercially for timber and fishing.

On the coast near the mouth of the Arthur River is a plaque titled “The Edge of the World”, and on occasion, it can certainly feel like it. And whilst the coastline is simply spectacular, this remote part of Tasmania is regularly lashed by the winds of the Roaring Forties with the combination of ocean currents and river flow creating a churning effect at the mouth of the Arthur River that deposits ancient logs on the beach. This area is popular with four-wheel drivers, with the Western Explorer gravel road that leads to Corinna and the Pieman River to the south. Arthur River is a 2-hr drive (150 km) from Burnie, 61 kilometres from Smithton (50-minute drive), 102 kilometres from Corinna (2-hour drive) and 200 kilometres from Waratah (2.5 hours).

There are a number of holiday rental accommodation options at Arthur River, and also a caravan park. Camping is also a very popular activity at Arthur River, with several camping options including: camping Manuka, camping Peppermint, camping Prickly Wattle & camping Nelson Bay.

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